Main Points of Monday 4/24 Readings

Multilingualism - Languages Without Borders:
We can look at the literary scene in countries to see how the migrants are being incorporated into the receiving country's society and culture. In Germany, the "migrant literature" has become a diverse and popular area of writing, which demonstrates some cultural acceptance of the growing diversity in Germany.

Three Myths of Immigrant Writing:
To categorize all writings by migrants as one genre is over-simplifying and puts focus on the biographical history of the author rather than the content of the writing. Migrants do not need to be restricted to writing about certain topics (namely multi-cultural situations). People writing in their native language can do as much as experimentation with the language as people who are writing in their second or third language. Overall, a writer is a writer, and migrants should be viewed through their writing as any other writer.

Creative Activism:
Creative activism and urban art, including graffiti, are used to sensitive society to the concerns and oppression of marginalized groups in society. The article emphasizes the importance of space in having a place to display change-demanding art (such as protesting the inequality in the distribution public resources) and for groups to build a community that can resist those in economic and/or political power. I think we should examine urban art in German and U.S. cities to compare the issues they are bringing up and consider working with organizations who help people to express themselves in public spaces.