Response to Age of Migration Chapter 1

Main Take-aways from Age of Migration Chapter 1:
1. Increasing numbers of countries are involved with migration movements, which makes the migrant populations more diverse than they have been before. It is important to recognize this diversity of migrants and avoid generalizing things about them.
2. International migration brings conflicts along with benefits, such as the potential national security threats from migrants in Algeria and Germany. These examples demonstrate the possible issues caused by conflicts between migrants’ home countries and the country to which they have migrated, even if no migrant is an actual threat.
3. Migrants can be isolated within the receiving country in many ways: physical appearance, language, jobs, and many others.
Discussion Questions:
Why is national identity important to a people, and does migration conflict with that significance? If so, in what ways?
Are migrants net positive or negative on the economy?
Is migration necessarily connected with political liberalism?