Final Write-Up - Education and Community-Building: Kotti’s Impact on Kreuzberg

Group Introduction
Katie Anastas Hannah Farrell Bryan Hanner Amanda Ray
Education and Community-Building: Kotti’s Impact on Kreuzberg
Kotti e. V. is an organization that plays a multifaceted role in supporting the surrounding community. As UW students, we had the opportunity to see several of the avenues through which Kotti e. V. enriches Kreuzberg. Katie worked at a community center, where she shadowed counseling meetings, environmental planning presentations, and other community events. Bryan and Amanda both shadowed social workers at Jens-Nydahl-Grundschule and Nürtingen Grundschule, respectively. Bryan helped teach English and music classes, and Amanda observed community and staff meetings and also helped with English classes. Hannah worked in a Nürtingen Grundschule classroom and in a free after-school program called Schüllerhaus, where she played with children and informally taught them English through casual conversations. Despite our different placements within the Kotti e. V. organ…